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Bedrooms & Dressing rooms

The bedroom and dressing room are areas where we spend at least a third of our lives, and the interior and design of these rooms are so important. They are the first thing that greets us in the morning when we wake up and the last thing before we fall asleep. The wardrobes (fitted or free-standing), the beds, bedside tables, vanity desk, wall panelling, the ottoman are just some of the joinery items which could fit in a bedroom or dressing room. Our choices for design and finishes are huge and we will make the perfect piece based on your preferences and visions. Your fitted or free-standing wardrobes could be with hinged doors (visible or concealed), or sliding doors, folded doors, or based on an open design. We offer a vast range of finishes, including (but not limited to) flat painting, spray painting, stained and sprayed, chic-brushed, and other special effects. You can choose from solid doors, veneered doors, panelled, shaker style, raised and fielded, or you might like a textiled combination (leather, fabric, silk, glass or mirror), the list goes on....At Kredenza Ltd we will work with you to create your perfect piece.

Dressing room - East Weald

Dressing rooms with fitted wardrobes and make-up desk, made out of untreated sycamore (internally) and a combination of quarter-sawn solid English Oak, book-matched Burr Oak veneer, and Ebony beading used for the doors, panels and drawers. Particular detail was added to the drawer fronts to be made from solid quarter-sawn English Oak but veneered to be in aperfect grain match. All of the exterior was sprayed with flat matt PU lacquer.

Dressing room & Panic room - East Weald

Dressing room with fitted wardrobes, which also doubled up as a panic room. This specialist room was built with steel reinforcements on all surrounding sides (walls, ceilings, floor, etc.), and was also fitted with it's independent telephone line, A/C units and other state-of-the-art security technology to be able to provide several hours of power at full demand. Other features included an independent air supply, bomb-proof screening, and a custom-made extra thick, steel door and door frame which matches the beautiful interior of the room whilst also providing the extra level of security appropriate for a panic room.

Anabella dressing room

Walk in dressing room and gym with fitted wardrobes. Wall panelling and "dressing" around windows incorporated the A/C unit, as well as the cornicing and lighting, installed to fit perfectly around. The entry door to the dressing room was made to be a double-faced door: externally covered with a panel where the edge of the solid door is raised, and the fielded panels are visible, whereas the inside face of the door perfectly matches the interior of that room, made to the same material and as the panelling of the room.
Doors were made from solid American White Oak, stained black with small "dummy" strips to split the doors into three panels. Panels are shaker style with self adhesive film in metallic finish. Two doors are clad with mirrors, foiled back for safety reasons. The majority of the doors were fitted on Hawa sliding mechanisms, as well as SOS hinges for the mirrored doors. All the handles are haute deco in chrome finish. Wood work is stained and sprayed with matt finish PU.

Audley bedroom - 3 wardrobes

This lovely bedroom has patterned wallpaper on one side, and a fitted wardrobe on the other. The fitted wardrobe includes an integrated A/C unit (of which only the grille is visible), for that sleek and smooth look. We always pay extra attention to even the minute details, so it's really hard to find the wallpaper joint! The wardrobes are mirrored panels bound to spray painted moisture-resistant MDF, with chrome finish flat-eared mitre joints, with Joseph Giles chrome pull handles. Wardrobes were made extra deep (almost 80cm), with easy-access panels to the A/C pump and filter, and wardrobe wiring. Additionally, the right mirrored wardrobe door gives way to the fire escape door.


Examples of spray painted MDF, with flat spray painted door and side panels. We've incorporated electrics inside the panels, and an A/C grille above the fitted wardrobe, with an access panel made inside one of the wardrobes. The wardrobes are made with recessed doors, set 10mm off from the ceiling, and fitted with Joseph Giles ironmongery.


This wonderful bedroom features our built-in bespoke wardrobes, queen-sized bed base, headboard and make-up table. The bed base was built to include four large storage drawers, and a pop-up TV section which simultaneously hides all the cabling when put away. On either side of the TV unit there are side cabinets to hold the Sky box, Blue-Ray, Sonos and all other electricals, for that finished tidy look. The headboard has two floating bedside tables, as well as integrated light switches, for maximum relaxation and ease-of-access. We integrated an extra large make-up desk on the back of the headboard, complete with a chest of drawers on either side as well as a three-sided mirror.
All the furniture here is made from American Black Walnut, stained according to an approved sample. The veneering is bookmatched throughout with shadow gaps, wiith recessed handles to all drawers (which are themselves veneered over solid walnut drawer fronts). All the connections and wiring are made with secret fixings, and cabled through the floor into the joinery for the perfect seamless look. The furniture is sprayed with satin finish PU Lacquer for a longer lasting product.