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Bedrooms & Dressing rooms

The bedroom and dressing room are areas where we spend at least a third of our lives, and the interior and design of these rooms are so important. They are the first thing that greets us in the morning when we wake up and the last thing before we fall asleep. The wardrobes (fitted or free-standing), the beds, bedside tables, vanity desk, wall panelling, the ottoman are just some of the joinery items which could fit in a bedroom or dressing room. Our choices for design and finishes are huge and we will make the perfect piece based on your preferences and visions. Your fitted or free-standing wardrobes could be with hinged doors (visible or concealed), or sliding doors, folded doors, or based on an open design. We offer a vast range of finishes, including (but not limited to) flat painting, spray painting, stained and sprayed, chic-brushed, and other special effects. You can choose from solid doors, veneered doors, panelled, shaker style, raised and fielded, or you might like a textiled combination (leather, fabric, silk, glass or mirror), the list goes on....At Kredenza Ltd we will work with you to create your perfect piece.